Old Saigon

A day around the city tracing the history of Viet Nam from 1945

AUD $75

USD $52

VND 1.25m


Here's a chance for you to see more than just District 1 and to learn about the origins of the modern Viet Nam. 


A unique one-day tour to immerse yourself in the historical journey from what was Saigon to Ho Chi Minh City.


Explore and learn the history of this city through the French, US and Vietnamese context. Visit secret and key sites in and around District 1 that make up this story and narrative.

Lift the veil on Vietnam's exotic culture and arcane customs on birth, deaths, and marriages.

Discover the real story of this iconic city and the people who made it what it is today.

Site visits include a collection of unknown yet truly historical locations, buildings, and monuments, that will engage you in the fascinating history 30 year period.

After this tour, this city and many places in Vietnam will have a new and poignant meaning.

Combine with Cu Chi:

Combine this tour with our exceptional Cu Chi Day Out and get a rich understanding of Viet Nam's post World War Two history and gain fascinating insights into Viet Nam's culture.

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