Tamara's East Timor Discovery Tour

Explore East Timor and spend three days immersed in village life
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Oct 2022

This tour reveals the long history and complex culture of Timore Leste (East Timor).


The highlight of the tour is three days and four nights immersed in the life of Soibada as the village and its people prepare for and celebrate the Festival Of The Virgin Of Aitara. If you are Catholic, you can participate in the religious services, if not, you can just observe the spectacle and relax as you enjoy the occasion.


Tamara Sloper-Harding will lead the tour sharing her incredible knowledge of the country. Her kind, generous, and sensitive approach has made her a favourite among East Timorese enabling her to open doors for you in a way few other can.



You will start your tour in Darwin where we will visit the Darwin Military Museum and experience the remarkable sound and light show on the Darwin bombing. We'll also visit the Aviation Museum which has on display the only B52 Bomber outside the US. 


Then we will fly to Timore Leste where we will visit a number of significant historic sites starting in the capital Dili.


You'll see where Xanana Gusmao, the George Washington of Timore Leste, hid out in an underground bunker to evade Indonesian soldiers as he fought for independence.


You'll spend a night in a luxury hotel in Balibo and visit the place where five Australian journalists were killed by invading Indonesian troops in 1975.

You'll be able to pay your respects to the Australian soldiers who died in Timor during the Second World War when we visit the Dare site of the Australian Memorial.

You'll visit a coffee farm, have the chance to buy unique traditional East Timorese handicrafts, and meet some of the friendliest people in the western Pacific. 



Price includes international airfares, accommodation, transfers, and most meals.


You'll enjoy quality three and four-star hotels in Darwin, Dili, and Balibo. In Soibada, you'll experience pleasant accommodation in the guesthouse the village built to encourage visitors and expand tourism. 


You'll be visiting when the weather is very comfortable before the wet season starts, later in the year.



The scenery in East Timor is stunning with jungle-covered mountains, white-sand beaches, and stunning vistas.



This tour is contingent on the lifting of international flight bans.

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